"Cheese, Chocolate, and Wine"

Annecy, France

Experience these while enjoying the ancient village of Annecy, France at the base of the Rhone Alps 7 nights for 4 people. Annecy France, at the base of the Rhone-Alps 30 KM from Geneva, is also known as the "Second Venice," Annecy has plenty of beauty in store. Begin your visit with the Château d'Annecy, a magnificent castle boasting beautiful views. You can also see the Palais de l'Isle, which was a prison in the 12th century, and, for something completely different, move on to cross the bridge of lovers. Another must-see is the gleaming lake of Annecy, inarguably a city highlight. Stay in a modern 2 bedroom apartment in the Centre of the Old Town …near the river. Complete your stay with local tasting experiences of cheese, chocolate, and wine featuring a renowned fromagerie and chocolatier. 

4 People, 7 Nights

Package Total: $3,200