"Island of Brac in the Iridescent Adriatic Sea"

Brac, Croatia

Enjoy fabulous food, a sea to dream about, a trip highlighted with the history and culture of the Mediterranean. Guided Tour of the island including vineyards, ancient villages, historical quarries and local museums. Season is May 1 through September 15. This is a 9 day trip as you arrive on the second day and arrive home the night of the 9th day. Brac’ is the largest island in the Adriatic off of the Coast of Split, Croatia. Transport from the airport to the island upon arrival, daily breakfast and a personal concierge while on the island are also provided. “God desired to crown his work, and so fashioned the Croatian coastline, ‘out of tears, stars and breath’- George Bernard Shaw - daily breakfast and airport pickup and ferry tickets included, along with a personal concierge and Croatian cell phone to use while on the island.

4 People, 7 Nights

Package Total: $2,900