"Rome - The Eternal City"

Rome, Italy

Stay in a modern two bedroom, two bathroom apartment in the heart of Rome, ideally

located walking distance to the city’s most iconic sites!

Get ahead of the crowds with VIP No wait access and tour of the Vatican and St. Peter’s

Basilica! Let your tour guide bring the works of art to life during “before hours” access to

the Vatican Museums. Then head to the Sistine Chapel to see incredible frescos and learn

about the brutal work put into all their glory! Sneak through a special door to St. Peter’s

Basilica to enjoy, yet again VIP No Wait Access of the holiest place in Christendom! End

the tour in St. Peter’s Square, feeling like an expert!

Let your taste buds run wild with your choice of a walking tour through foodie

neighborhoods for 20 delicious food tastings or a cooking class with a tour through the

local market, where you’ll select fresh ingredients and cook an authentic Roman meal. 

4 People, 5 Nights

Package Total: $3,700